Are you tired of dealing with creditor harassment and unpaid bills? Are you unsure of what to next? Whether it is too much debt from credit cards, mortgage or student loans, Memphis Debt Lawyer can help stop the pain.  We can evaluate your situation and explore ways to handle your finances. For over 20 years, attorney Bruce Ralston has been fighting for the “little guy” to solve consumer debt issues including:

Income Taxes

There aren’t many options for dealing with back taxes owed to the IRS or to a state or local taxing authority, but there are a few, and the companies that advertise on TV and on the internet aren’t even coming close to telling you the whole story. If you owe more than you could ever possibly pay within a few years, or if you have other out-of-control debts at the same time, then bankruptcy is definitely something to consider. If your only significant debt is this outstanding tax, then we will do our best to find an option that does not involve bankruptcy.

Tax liens; income tax offsets; payroll garnishment; bank account offsets; offer in compromise (Note: I do not prepare tax returns, but I can refer you to someone who can.)

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Law Suit Defense

Being sued means almost nothing; it’s just a warning that something bad could happen soon if you don’t deal with it properly. It’s the judgment that comes at the end of the lawsuit that gives creditors all of the extra rights and powers listed below. If you have been sued but no judgment has been taken, I can often help prevent the taking of that judgment, ESPECIALLY if the company that is suing you bought the account from the bank, finance company or credit card company that you actually did (or didn’t) do business with. If someone has already taken a judgment against you, or if it is inevitable that a judgment will be taken, I will make sure that you understand your options, up to and including bankruptcy.

Garnishments; judgment liens; bank account levies; attachment of property; installment payment options

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These are two branches of the same tree. These two terms essentially describe the same thing, but there are some significant differences between foreclosure of real estate and the repossession of vehicles or other personal property, and it is important to understand those details. With a foreclosure, you usually have some actual warning, but once the sale has happened, it’s over and you will never get that property back. With a repossession, there is often little or no warning, but in some chances there is a chance of getting the property back, and if that creditor or repo man did something wrong, you might have the right to sue them. Let me help you understand the considerations and the options.

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Debt Collection

You have rights, even if you really do owe the debt. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act applies only to debt collectors (anyone other than the actual original creditor) and requires them to treat you with truth, fairness, dignity and respect. If a debt collector is cursing you, or calling you names, or threatening to have you arrested, or bothering friends, family, co-workers, employers or anyone else about your debt, or especially if they are contacting you about a debt that was never yours, or that has already been paid, or that was settled in compromise, or that is so old that the statute of limitation has expired, then you may not only have the power to make them stop, but in some cases you could actually sue the debt collector and force them to pay your attorney fees.

Abusive debt collectors; threats; bothering friends, relatives, employer or neighbor

Memphis Debt Help with Bankruptcy
Student Loans

Contrary to popular belief, there are options for dealing with student loans. Whether yours are federal, private, both, or you just don’t know what they are, I can help you figure out where you stand and what your options are, often for a lot less money than you might think. Once you know where to start, some of those options can be quick, cheap and very effective. Most of the time this does not involve bankruptcy at all, but in certain situations bankruptcy can be a valuable tool for dealing with student loans. This applies whether you were the actual student or just the cosigner.

Workouts; settlements; lawsuit defense; income tax offset; payroll garnishment; and special federal programs for teachers, public service employees and employees of registered non-profit institutions

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Credit Reporting

Credit reports are a necessary evil in today’s world, but they are confusing, illogical and often simply wrong. You try your best to get them to fix it, but they ignore you, or worse. Bottom line: credit reporting is the other guy’s game, and he doesn’t even bother explaining the rules to you. Most credit report issues aren’t really that hard to deal with, but there is one right way to do it and a dozen wrong ways. I can guide you through the process, usually at very little cost to you. In most cases all you pay for is a lot of postage (you will be sending several letters by certified mail).

Identify theft; credit repair; Experian; Equifax; Transunion; trade lines; mistaken identity; Senior/Junior; incorrect information

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